Independence for you

Grether MacGeorge GmbH serve you as an Anglo-Swiss firm of Investment, Financial, Legal and Tax Advisers based in Basel, Switzerland giving Independent Advice in English and German for Swiss Residents, Expats, Companies and Pension Schemes.

Financial Planning
Whatever your needs, they deserve careful analysis and research before any solution can be recommended. The Independent Financial Advisers at Grether MacGeorge GmbH will spend time learning about your needs, goals and current circumstances and will be best equipped to help you arrive at an appropriate Financial Planning strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.

Your taxation position is important to consider too. Apart from completing your Swiss Tax return, Grether MacGeorge GmbH’s professional Tax Advisers work hand in hand with their IFA colleagues to consider and recommend on the many ways to reduce your taxes as well as improve your financial stability and success. Tax advice is a speciality of the company.

Make your money work harder
With over 8,000 investment funds available for you to invest in, no single investment or life assurance company can truthfully claim to be the best in all circumstances. An IFA firm such as Grether MacGeorge GmbH helps you to compare and invest in those companies that have consistently performed better then the rest – but past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Surveys have shown that better investment returns can be obtained from a portfolio of investment funds selected from more than one company, rather than from the funds of just one fund manager or bank. Grether MacGeorge GmbH provide a consolidated service with online access at all times for you to check your investment funds. Invest your assets in a Grether MacGeorge GmbH investment portfolio and all commissions paid by the fund companies you are investing in will be refunded to your account.